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CCSU students voice their opinion on budget cuts and tuition fees

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Full story can read at the New Britain Herald.

Central Connecticut State University Students protested the new budget cuts and tuition fees, but they didn’t protest in ordinary fashion.

Thursday, December 9th brought an atypical to the campus of Central Connecticut State University.  Students were found in outside the Student Center wearing ‘porcine masks’ and chanting “Hey, hey, Ho, ho, tuition hikes have got to go,” and carried signs reading “Bail Out Schools Not Corporate Fools”  and “Learn for Four Years, then Pay for Life.”

Yes, art and theater students were outraged, conducting a campus-wide ‘speak-out’ against, what they described as, attacks on public education, budget cuts, and tuition increases.  A group of 50 students even paraded throughout the Student Center.

I remember walking to my 9:30 class that morning and seeing a group of students chanting protests, holding protest signs.  I was shocked to see this and was unsure of what was taking place.  I looked at students walking by me, not apart of the protesting, and were shocked as well, priceless were the facial expressions bestowed upon them.

“Students from the Street Art course got together with the theater department to speak out.  According to Prof. Mike Alewitz, the event focused public attention ‘on the need to defend public education.'”

“Mark McLaughlin, CCSU spokesman, told The Herald the administration is aware of many of the concerns raised by students and is working on solutions.”

But, I don’t get it.  If the administration is aware of the concerns raised by CCSU students and is working on solutions, why does tuition continue to sky-rocket and go up every semester?  And on top of that, why are they planning to take away essentials that students need to help get an education?

Students will not be looking forward to next year’s tuition at CCSU, costing nearly $8,000.  Students are arguing that they are faced with: “an inability to enroll in classes; facilities in poor condition; faculty layoffs; the loss of funds for clubs and activities; course cancellations; and not being able to graduate in four-years.

All I know is that when registration for classes rolls around every semester, I find myself struggling to choose the classes I need and want for certain times and days because there are not enough provided and to many restrictions for a class you might need.

I’m a journalism minor.  And for journalism classes, four new journalism classes were just introduced to the department, which are all under JRN 418.  With all four being new classes, there is a restriction saying that you can only take a maximum of six credits (two classes) for JRN 418 in your college career, which is ridiculous because all four classes are really good classes and could benefit me for any field I choose to go into for my career.  I understand that they are new classes being offered, but I am a senior and I will be leaving soon, so I want to make the best out of what I have left here at CCSU.  Also, some required classes that you need to take aren’t offered ever semester.  Some classes are only offered in the fall semester or in the spring semester.

CCSU is a public university that isn’t too big or too small; it’s just right.  CCSU is a university that offers hands-on, unique programs that are great.  CCSU shouldn’t bear their students the burden of having to worry about being in so much of a hole of debt to pay back after they graduate.  With that said, CCSU should provide a financial atmosphere to its students to want to come here and stay, not drive them away or protest and be outraged.  CCSU is a great university and needs to stay that way.

– Brian Jennings


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December 16, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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