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Cutbacks a necessity this holiday season?

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Black Friday gave retailers a reason to smile, but maybe it’s not enough to get shoppers to spend for this holiday season.

Shoppers like John Revere and John Schroeder are looking to spend less this holiday season and are taking the conservative approach with what they buy.

John Revere of Thomaston uses a Visa debit card to buy gifts for the holiday season.  “I plan to spend less this holiday season than I did last holiday season,” said Revere.  “We have less money this year and the economy isn’t so good.”

John shops more at stores than online for the holiday season, but when he does shop online, he shops at and  When he goes out to the stores, he shops at Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, GameStop, and Cabela’s.

“This year I’m probably going to buy the same stuff, but less of it,” said Revere.  Last year, John spent about $2,500 on his holiday shopping.  This year he thinks he will probably spend about $1,800.

Tina and John Schroeder will be looking to cut back what they spend this holiday season.

They use both cash and credit when they buy gifts for the holiday season.  The Schroeder’s are good about paying their bills when they use their credit card.

“Even if we charge it, we try to pay it off relatively quick,” said Tina.  “It’s not like it’s taking us a year to pay it off.”

The Schroeder’s are looking to cut back on spending on them this holiday season.  “It’s the same for everyone else we buy for, but it’s less for us because we’re going on a trip next year,” said John Schroeder.  “So the stuff we said we’d buy for each other we limited.

For the Schroeder’s, the economy won’t be the reason why they plan to spend less this holiday season.  “We don’t have kids, so our spending is pretty constant I guess,” said John Schroeder.  “No the economy didn’t really slow us down for that.”

The only thing different for the Schroeders this holiday season will be spending less on each other.   The Schroeders are gearing up for a big trip to Alaska next year.

Tina and John shop equally out at stores and online during the holiday season, but mostly go out to the stores.  “We’re not like some people where we just shop all online,” said Tina.  When the Schroeders buy online, they buy from Cabela’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“For all my nieces, believe it or not, we go to Rite Aid to get them Visa gift cards,” said John Schroeder.  “The rest are a mix of the mall and sporting good stores.”  They go to Best Buy as well.

The Schroeders buy gifts online for specialty items, back-order items, or stuff they can’t get in the store.  “We bought some stuff at Dick’s that was out of stock in the store so we bought it from Dick’s online,” said John Schroeder.

The Schroeders are looking to spend about $2,000 this holiday season, which is less than what they spent last holiday season.  The Schroeders spent about $1,500 last holiday season.  “What we’re spending on each other will go down, but what we spend on our nephews will be the same,” said John Schroeder.

John Schroeder on his annual pay by jwarrior71789


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